November 28, 2008

Ham , eggs and veggies- Our perfect breakfast

It is no surprise with how many eggs my family eats that we are trying to acquire a few hens as quickly as possible. My almost 4 year old son eats about 4 eggs to himself. And these eggs are full of healthy fresh veggies as well. It is so hard to get kids to eat their veggies and the morning is a perfect time. They are so hungry that it is easier to get food into them. At least, that is the case with my kids. So I have been working on finding ways to add vegetables to their meals, and ours for that matter. Fruit and especially citrus grow very well around here. So here is one of our staple breakfasts.
First, once again, I prep everything. It is so much easier, and enjoyable, to cook when everything is ready. So I start with cutting/ dicing 1/4 green pepper, good chunk on onion, 1/4 of a calabasa, 1 large roma tomato and a bunch of diced ham. In a small bowl I mix 7-8 eggs, milk, salt and pepper. The milk helps use less eggs and adds calcium. And of course, since my husband is wonderful, he surprised me one morning with a coffee maker... we can add a cup of coffee.

First sauté the pepper and onion in oil, when they are soft add the calabasa and ham. I think it makes a big difference when the ham is fried with the veggies first. After the ham has a nice brown color, add the egg mixture.
Gently pull the eggs from the edges of the pan towards the center allowing the runnier eggs to fill in. This will give you evenly cooked (and flavored) eggs. Do not constantly mess with the eggs but tend to them. When they are almost cooked as hard as you like, throw in the tomatoes and turn off stove. Gently fold the eggs over the tomatoes just to heat them through.

We usually eat these eggs with half a grapefruit for the adults and some other fruit for the kids. It is a really good meal and a great way to add veggies to meals that your kids will eat.

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