November 28, 2008

Now this was a smart left over re-creation

I have never been good about left overs. I always just reheated the same dish. But I have been trying not to throw anything away. But the kids too are picky about left overs. So when we had some of the pasta in garlic cream sauce left, I figured... I used a lot of good ingredients for that dish, and there is a lot left (except shrimp... Akilean LOVES shrimp) I knew that I had to use it all. But the kids did not want the same pasta- they wanted a meat sandwich. So I said, well "I'll put meat in your pasta." I simply fried up some sliced ham and threw in the pasta. The oil from the ham coated the pasta- which already had great flavor from the veggies and sauce from the last dish. One of my more successful left over dishes.

At this rate, we will be able to stay very close to our 700 peso a week budget.

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