March 28, 2009

How I am going to do... Each day at a time.

Okay, so here is something scary. Since I have moved to Mexico I am losing my battle against fresh corn tortillas. Even as active as we are I have still gained weight. Well, for my 30th birthday this year I am going to give myself 2 gifts. The first is to actually loose the 15-20 lbs that I really need and want to. The other is the tattoo that I have been wanting for over 5 years now.

In October there is tattoo expo in Merida and Refried Dreamer and her husband will be there. I am also dying to go to Merida for a weekend. I said that I would not get my tattoo until I am at a happier weight. As a part of losing this weight I will be doing 4 major changes, although I really only see 3 of them really happening.

1) to run to town each morning to the fruiteria and polloria and get the needed items for that days food and the next days breakfast (except for eggs, we will get those at the "corner store" in our neighborhood. and then brisk walk home.

2) do stretches each morning and each evening on the roof of the house. Once we get our roof set up it will be nice spot to do this.

3) update everyday on my blog the following information...
Date: _____ # of Calories consumed: ______
# of glasses of water: _____ Did I run: _____
#of cups of coffee: _____ Did I stretch AM: _____
# of sodas: _____ Did I stretch PM: _____

I figure that this is a way to really embarrass myself and really hold me accountable. I hope that it works.

and 4) stop putting sugar and milk in my coffee. This could only be worth it would good coffee and I cannot afford good coffee. I might as well spend that money on Splenda.

I hope that this works. I really want that tattoo for my birthday.

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