March 26, 2009

My garden is Growing!!!

I had lost faith for a little while that nothing was going to happen with my garden. I have never really done a whole lot of gardening before except for house plants- which I had a ton of! But, so long as they are green they are fine. Fruits and veggies are so much more full of expectation.

I started the seeds back in late January. I had everything from onions, tomatoes, peppers (the top most important thing in any Mexican garden!!!) as well as corn, pumpkin, carrots, herbs --- all sorts of stuff.

When we planted them in the garden we got some serious rain down here. This ran a whole bunch of the seeds together. So other then the pumpkin, corn and tomatoes I am not really sure what any of the stuff that is growing is. Not to mention that since we get our dirt from the jungle (via the store!) things pop up out of nowhere.

My tomatoes plants grew a few inches tall and then just sat there for weeks and weeks. I asked Ruben's dad and he said that they were gaining strength and would grown with strong stems.

That is what is happening. The tomato plants grew almost over night and now are doing great. Now all sorts of stuff is popping up. I am very curious to see what it is going to be. hehehe


Karen Harris said...

I love to look over featured blogs on Foodie Blog Roll with my coffee in the morning and saw yours. Years ago I moved with my husband and young children to a foreign country. I feel for you and your cooking triumphs and failures. Your recipes look awesome. Tulum is one of my favorite places on earth. Love your blog.

Alyse said...

yay! I had such a hard time with my garden, I ended up throwing most of it away sadly.


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