March 14, 2009

"make it work" slip cover

When we left the United States we left just about everything that was not breathing. Along with all of that stuff was our nice furniture. When we got to Mexico we bought our neighbors furniture. The sofa and chair are in terrible shape. I have been using our queen size sheets that I brought from the USA as slip covers. I would be using them as sheets but we only have a double bed.

Well, I have been getting really sick of fixing the slip cover every time someone sits down. So I came up with something that helps a lot.

I took the flat sheet and cut it length wise so each end could cover the seat and back portion of the sofa and chair. I then cut the fitted sheet into 4 sections. The corner sections fit really well on the arms of the sofa. It makes it so much easier to fix the sheet when they get messed up which is not nearly enough.

I am currently using another unused sheet to cover the pillows on the sofa. This is just because I do not like the orange cover that is on the pillow. When I come back from the USA I will bring some new fabric and recover things. I will post new pics.

It is ghetto but it works. And when you have NO money... you make it work.

1 comment:

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

No dear.. not "ghetto", it is effective and imaginative! I admire that about you and the resilience you've shown since moving to Mexico. I don't have nearly as much of any of these qualities as you!
You keep throwing in "going to USA".. do you have another trip planned? I'd love to see you and the kids???! well duh- and Ruben too!


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