January 28, 2009

Chicken salad

Okay, let me first say that last nights dinner was so much of an after thought that I almost did not even take pictures until I realized that those "oh crap what am I going to make just prior to restock" dinners are the ones that I was to share the most. Those dinners when it seems like the only things in the fridge need something that you would need to go to the store for. So last night, I had 2 chicken breasts- simply seasoned, wrapped in foil, and baked.
Then I made some simple white rice for the kids, sliced pineapple and small little salad. Let me also say that I am not one for salads.
I need to be but alas I am not. :( But I do love chicken Cesar salads so I decided to throw some lettuce, onion & tomato into a bowl and top it will chicken and a little Cesar dressing. Now 1 thing, if you are going to bother with lettuce... please do not buy that iceberg lettuce. While it tastes good it has no nutritional value. Just a lot of water. If you are going to bother eating well you might as well get some vitamins and minerals.

Okay anyway. The dinner was really good and the kids even asked for more salad. I had a lot of rice and pineapple left over so I put those in a bowl and we are going to make some kind of fried rice for dinner.

On another note, in the spirit of utalizing the things around you to be useful. We desperately need more storage in our kitchen. There is literally NONE!!! We bought a shelf system but it has to hold everything. So I asked Ruben to build me a shelf right next to our stove so i could put all of the bottles of spices and oils and such right there. We ended up using 2 cement blocks and took a board off a piece outside. It turned out really well.

Then we used 4 cement blocks to make a little table by the computer. Now we have a little place to put all of the little stuff around the computer. It turned out really well.

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