January 29, 2009

Serrano ham and peas with a Gouda cheese sauce

Okay... this dinner was awesome. It was inspired by the Serrano ham I found at the supper. And I found some shredded Gouda. This dish was so easy and yet finished off fabolous. It definitely tasted great.

In one pot I had the noodles cooking with a little oil and some chopped garlic. I used some small bow tie style ones. In my saute pan I threw in a little oil, onion and garlic then threw in the chopped up Serrano ham. I also was looking up recipes with Serrano ham and found an appetizer that was asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham. So when I do this recipe again, I might try asparagus. But anyway. Once the ham was heated threw I threw in the thawed peas.

The sauce for this recipe took me into making my very first bechamel sauce. It was sooooooooo easy. In a 3rd sauce pan I put 4 Tbs. of butter and let it melt and start to bubble, then threw in 1/4 cup flour and slowly added 2 cups of milk.

I threw in some salt and pepper and then when the noodles were ready I threw in some grated Gouda from the store. I kept whisking to make sure that the sauce did not clump. I then put the noodles and the sauce in the saute pan and mixed everything together. It was such a good dinner.

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